Some Tips To Make Your Home A Wonderful Place To Be

Even when out and about there’s still no place like home. The people of Australia were asked in a recent poll if they preferred to travel on their holiday or stay home, and an astounding 65% responded that they would choose the latter! Home is where the heart is, and it’s our comfort zone, so why not savour it? Even if your home is already your beloved castle, there are still some things you can do to heighten the experience, but be careful, these simple home improvements might make you never want to set foot outside again!

Let’s start with the walls. First up is a shiny new coat of paint, nothing makes you fall in love with your home again like fresh new colours. Boring old beige, cream, and grey went out with the 90’s, mix it up with light greens, vibrant oranges, and bright blues, to make things lively. Don’t stop there, you will want to put some icing on that cake with some fantastic wall art prints, there is something available to match every person’s taste and give your eyes something fun to do!

Now let’s take a look at the furniture. That old sofa is so comfortable it can be forgiven for being a lighter shade of pale, just cover it with a brightly patterned blanket and some throw pillows to give it a new lease on life. Now, here is a secret code to a happy living room arrangement- make sure your sofa and your chairs are talking to each other! Many people make the mistake of pushing their furniture up against the walls, which achieves all the warm comfort of a doctor’s waiting room- blah! Place your sofa and chairs in a U-shaped arrangement around a shared coffee table so everyone can face each other and be part of the conversation.

Another easy way to brighten things up in your home is to let the sunshine in. Too often we Australians keep the drapes and blinds shut to stop the heat or the cold, and then we just leave them that way! Natural light is not only great for our health, but it also makes us feel good, too, so turn that dreary room into a bright, sunny space today!

Every home has the potential to go from humdrum to wonderful, give it a try!