Gift Ideas for an Interior Designer 

Some of the best gifts you can give to people are ones useful for their job, especially those with a job that they’re passionate about. So whether you have a spouse who’s an interior designer who loves their job, or you’re looking to reward a passionate designer who did an awesome job on your home remodel (hiring the right contractors, choosing decor pieces, sticking to your budget), it’s a good idea to give them a practical gift they can use at work. 

Here are some gift ideas to help you out. 

A Unique Piece of Decorative Art  

A unique piece of decorative art makes an awesome practical gift because not only can it be a source of inspiration for their work, but it can also be a beautiful addition to their office space. 

Unique decorative art can mean many things in different forms – a handmade pottery vase, a colorful abstract painting, a vintage sculpture, a quirky wall hanging – so you have plenty of options to choose from. You can even commission a piece of art from a local artist to add a personal touch while also supporting your local arts communities. 

When choosing this gift, you want to find something that fits the interior designer’s personal style. For example, you can consider the aesthetic of their office space or even the items in any existing collection of art pieces. 

A Set of High-Quality Design Tools 

Many interior designers use different tools – pens, pencils, rulers, compasses – and a high-quality set of tools is a gift that means they get to work more efficiently and ultimately enhance their experience as a designer. 

What makes design tools high quality? Factors like durability, precision, and comfort of use. For example, drafting pens with high-quality nibs make it easier to create precise lines and a professional-grade ruler with non-slip backing reduces the likelihood of mistakes and inaccuracies. 

When choosing this gift, you want to consider the specific needs of your designer. For example, if they work primarily with digital tools, a high-quality drawing tablet or stylus is likely a better gift option than a traditional tool like a professional-grade ruler. 

A Subscription to a Design Software 

Another excellent gift idea for an interior designer is a subscription to a design software that lets them streamline their workflow with the use of tools to create 2D and 3D floor plans, design layouts, idea visualization, etc. 

Plus, some design software subscriptions include access to a library of design resources like textures, patterns, and 3D models that make it easier to stay up to date with emerging trends and techniques. 

When choosing this gift you want to consider ease of use, flexibility, and customer support

It’s always nice to give people gifts, especially when you get it right. So for an interior designer, consider decorative art pieces, design tools, a subscription to a design software, or all three!