Tips for Buying Body Jewellery Online

The best place to buy body jewellery is online, online sites stock a huge variety of products. If you don’t know where to buy body jewellery online, look for recommendations and speak to your piercer. Your piercer won’t be by your side when you make a decision, so it is up to you to make the final choice. To ensure you get the right products online, we’ve put together a few useful tips.

Gauge of the Piercing

Knowing the gauge of the piercing is vitally important to ensure you buy the right product. If you’ve no idea about the gauge, speak to your piercer. The gauge is the thickness of the bar, if it is too small you won’t be able to fit it correctly. If the gauge is too big, it will damage the piercing when you try to put it in. When purchasing piercing jewellery online, make sure you choose the correct thickness. You must select jewellery that is the same gauge as the needle you were pierced with. Anything else will be too small or stretch the piercing.

Jewellery Size

You’ll have all kinds of issues with your body jewellery if you don’t choose the right size. If it is too small it will push against the piercing holes, too big and it will damage tissue. You must know the proper barbell length and hoop, if you don’t, get in touch with your piercer.

If you wish to stretch your piercing, you can wear a larger gauge to help you gradually make the hole bigger. However, it must be done in the right manner. You cannot just jam a larger piece of jewellery in there and hope the piercing gets bigger.

Make a Small Purchase

Many people make the mistake of investing in an expense piece of jewellery without knowing much about the supplier. If you want to learn more about them and their services, purchase a relatively inexpensive piece of jewellery and see if the product lives up to expectations. If they deliver on their promise, you should be able to trust them with a larger order.

If you are still nervous about buying jewellery online, reach out to others who have experience doing it. Ask a friend or family member about the best sites to use for body jewellery. Have them by your side when you make a purchase, so they can help while you shop.