What to Consider When Choosing Reciprocal Or Incentive-Based Thank You Gifts

The average range, for most great gift, is between thirty to fifty dollars depending on recipient’s context. But the context of your thank you gift also plays a significant part in determining what to spend on. There are basically two broad contextual groups of thank you gift: Reciprocal and Incentive/ Benefit-Tactic-Related Thank You Gifts. In this article I’ll discuss the last one.

Reciprocal thank you gift singapore would be those that are given with a “thank you” rather than a “just because” or as a courtesy. These would often come in forms such as monetary, products or services. In these cases, a clear understanding of donor and recipient’s communications preferences is essential. This is especially true when it comes to scientific or technological research related gifts which depend on limited access to funding sources.

Incentive or benefit-tactic-related gifts have very different meaning for different types of recipients. For example, for someone working at a pharmaceutical lab or university, a monetary gift would likely be welcomed and appreciated, but if the donor wants to emphasize his or her scientific/medical expertise, this might be an avenue for discussion. Benefits could also be included in this category, like discounted rates or travel expenses paid for by the organization. There is often a great deal of expectation attached to these types of gifts, which may not cause donor stress. When in doubt, ask for donor approval.