Your First Bong and You: 3 Tips on Buying your First Bong

Wanting your first bong? Looking for a water pipe for the first time maybe overwhelming at times because of the different types and looks of them. Some are large some are small, some of them may even look like a literal sculpture. Don’t worry, these tips will help you purchase your first ever bong online.

Tip 1 – Preference

What type are you getting? Do you want a beaker type? A straight shooter? Dab Rigs? Or a Bubbler? Well fear not there may be a lot of types but they are unique in their own ways.

A Beaker Type is a bong that looks like the laboratory beakers in your science class, but it has a long tube which makes the hit effective, and the smoke will not have a large punch to your lungs so you won’t have an urge to cough, and it will still give you a good hit.

Straight shooters are also like the straight tubes that you see but imagine it on a large scale, the same hit occurs on the beaker and straight tube both are large in scale so if you are looking for a large hit of your cannabis and easy to clean? these are for you!

Dab Rigs are bongs that uses oil cannabis so these doesn’t require flower but there are some Dab rigs that have both oil and flower options so if you are into both this is for you

Bubblers are the type that requires water in it, so it makes the smoke cooler as it enters your lungs but still provides a good high and has less harsh heat in your lungs so if you want a cool sensation without a large punch in your lungs this is for you!

Tip 2 – Glass

Having these bongs are fragile as they are made of glass and unless you are having them as a decorative piece then you should have an American made glass instead of those China-made glass that breaks easily, having these would be a great investment as you can have a long-lasting bong if you take caution of it. So, if you go to your local head shop you can know what type and what kind of glass you want for your first bong!

Tip 3 – Travel

If you travel a lot, moving place to place or you just want a hit on the go then a large bong may not be for you. They are some hand pipes that are available for your comfort and the designs for them are on your liking, they have different types that you can choose. Hand pipes are the easiest to keep so you can have a hit on the go! Or you can have both! A hand pipe and a large bong as both would be on the go and on the house so you can relax and ease your mind as you enjoy good weed for the day.

Having your first bong may seem overwhelming as they are different types and preferences but having these tips would make you decide what type of bong you are going for! Happy 4:20!